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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Our Knitted Bunting Offer

We started 2011 by offering 15% off our signature knitted bunting and this has been a great success - our knitting needles have been clicking away like mad!  With lots of new babies arriving over the last couple of months we've been inspired to add to our bunting selection and the softest cutest pastels and teddy bears will be available very very soon ... here's a quick peek!!

As everyone is (quite rightly) looking after their pennies just now we'll be offering monthly discounts on individual products - SO KEEP LOOKING!

Finally, we're really lucky to receive lots of lovely comments about our products and were so touched by this latest one: "Hi Linda, I have just received my daughters knitted bunting and it's lovely.  I ordered the same for my other two children when they were born.  I think they are a unique way to display their names in their bedrooms and have had lots of comments from friends."  How lovely is that??

And so January is nearly over with it's very British bleak skies but also the first signs that the sleepy bulbs are waking up and the days are getting a little longer - not long till Spring!!
Take care, Linda x

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