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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crafty Reading

I've been loving this great crafting treat - it's been a gorgeous way to divert my attention from chocolate!!

... but which project to start first??

This time of year is so gorgeous - the garden
is waking up and looking fresh and bright

although this escapee is quite determined to stand out from the crowd - makes me smile every time I walk past it!!

thanks for popping by
Linda xxx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My 1970s childhood!!

Maybe it's the current austerity times we're in but my mind has been wandering back to when grown-ups stuff was something I didn't need to bother with ... the 1970s!!

I had a brilliant childhood and if our children can say the same then we must be doing something right don't you think?

So I've been digging around in the depths of the loft for treasures from my childish past and how glad am I that despite having 3 younger brothers my girlie toys were pretty much left to me to play with (unless of course Action Man or The Six Million Dollar Man needed some targets to aim at)!! I've had a blast unearthing some of the groovy (did we really use that word so much??) games and toys from an era of childish innocence, dodgy kids' telly, The Osmonds, Jackie magazine (sigh) oh and constant strikes, power cuts and incredible foggy days that meant school closed early - yippee!!

All this travelling back to everything 70's has inspired me to include photos of my finds in my blog and I think I'll use my old toys as props in my website photos from now on!

Enough waffle then and here she is, my beautiful Tiny Tears who arrived one Christmas in a cot handmade by my dad, dressed in knitted clothes made by mum and with frilly bedding (you guessed it) handmade by my nan - HOW excited was I?!

This was the ULTIMATE present for a 6 year old me and I'm so glad that I have such lovely memories of receiving her with all her handmade treasures! Naturally, I hankered for Teeny Tiny Tears the next Christmas and fear not, she too will be making an appearance (hopefully with much less wittering on)in my next blog post!

If you too had a much loved Tiny Tears I hope this has taken you a little way down memory lane and you're now grinning away remembering some of your treasured toys and the happy hours you spent with them!

Until next time then (and thanks for popping by) X X X

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Needlefelt Novice!

So far so good ... still have some fingertips left with no holes :o)

Now to spend some time learning about Hootsuite - 'L' plates required !!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Stick with me ... this year I WILL learn to blog properly!!

From my very distinct lack of blogging, tweeting and limited facebooking anyone can see how little time I spend on techy things!!  Truth is, I love designing and making things FAR too much!!

WELL ... this year that will change and I promise to learn how to apply myself properly ;o)

Maybe I'm a little hard on myself as I am the only person who works on the website (and yes, I take the photos too!) but now that my boys are becoming teens and a 'little' more independant I am going to become more technologically savvie (that's my plan!)

Please stick with me and my musings - I'll be adding lots of photos of work in progress and orders ready to go to their new homes.

Here's what I was up to this morning on the sewing front - pirate bookends, butterflies and owls - yum xx

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